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Pooponomics: The Economy of Human Waste – Infographic

Few people think about if after flushing the toilet each morning, but the processing and disposal of human waste is actually a $100 billion business.

Beyond supporting entire industries, it can leave a hole in many people’sbudgets, too. Consider this: on average, the parents of a newborn can expect to change 6,000 diapers during the first two years. During that time, they’ll spend about $1,600 on diapers, not to mention the added costs of wipes and diaper rash ointments.


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Stop Drinking Bottled Water Now!

Bottled water is healthy water – or so marketers would have us believe. Just look at the bottled water labels or ads: deep, pristine pools of spring water; majestic alpine peaks… In reality, bottled water is just water; however, that fact isn’t stopping people from buying a lot of it. Here are some solid reasons to kick the bottled water habit.

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Water(less) World: H2O Use Around the World

Water Economics

What about water? It is easy to take this basic building block of life for granted. However, water is a surprisingly limited commodity. Over the next 30 years, the global water supply is in danger of drying up.

The world population is projected to reach nine billion by 2050. Not only will these people need water to drink and bathe with also a massive amount of water must be used to grow additional food. The most rapid growth will be in developing nations, whose water supplies are already under stress.



Source: www.visualeconomics.com