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The Social Media Penetration Of The Major UK Political Parties

With the UK elections fast approaching I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how well the major UK political parties were using social media to connect with voters.

With Barack Obama famously using social media to court the youth vote in the US elections, social media is now a viable  platform for politicians to connect with people on a large scale.

All of the UK parties are maintaining a social media presence, with Facebook pages, Twitter and YouTube accounts prominently linked from their respective websites. To take a snapshot of activity and a gauge of its success I recorded the following metrics,


PoliticalParties infographic

Source : www.datadial.net

Corporate Campaigning: Where Do Politicians Get Their Money?

Big Dollars on the Campaign Trail

 If you were a Democrat running for office in the 2010 election cycle, you had to have been a fan of lawyers, health professionals and real estate companies. That’s because these groups probably gave you healthy campaign contributions.

On the other side, if you were a Republican seeking office, you, too, must have been fond of lawyers, health professionals and real estate agents: They probably threw some dollars your way, too.


big political spenders