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What is the current state of obesity in America?

America faces an obesity epidemic. 68% of adults and nearly one-third of children are considered at least overweight. Childhood obesity is at such high levels that First LadyMichelle Obama has started a national program called ‘Let’s Move’ to help reverse the trend. Lack of exercise, too much sugar added to too many foods, a lack of healthy food choices in schools and workplaces, urban food deserts, and a lack of understanding of how to choose and prepare healthy, low-fat foods have all been blamed.

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Whats Changed This Decade 1999-2009 [Infographic]

Sometimes it’s great to look back and see what has happened in the last ten years. The last 10 years from 1999-2009 has seen some dramatic changes, demographic shifts, and rapid proliferation of internet technologies. We have also seen the balance of power begin to shift internationally as foreign countries have grown their economies and we have increased our national debt. Let’s have a look at some numbers to demonstrate the significance of these changes.

Since 1999, 23 million people in American have gotten married and sadly already 12 million of those marriages have ended in divorce. Another interesting fact is that of those 23 million marriages 80,000 were same sex marriages.



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