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Neglected tropical diseases to be battled by new consortium

Millions of people worldwide are affected by tropical diseases such as African sleeping sickness and Leishmaniasis, so to combat these illnesses a new European consortium has been established to boost drug development.

With a total budget of nearly 3.6 million euros, the consortium including companies such as IOTA Pharmaceuticals, Mercachem, Nycomed, the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative, the Royal Tropical Institute, the University of Bern, the VU University Amsterdam and TI Pharma will strive to develop effective drugs against these diseases.


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Source: http://www.ngpharma.eu.com

U2 and the environment: Practicing what they preach?

Achtung! U2 aren’t the eco-warriors we thought they were.

Since the global super-band first formed, they have addressed global issues ranging from poverty to social justice to climate change. However, on their current “No Line On The Horizon” tour, they have been accused of hypocrisy by environmental groups as they transport their masses of equipment around the world.


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Source : http://www.ngpowereu.com