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Energy in Sports

Did you ever wonder how much energy or how much power athletes expend when performing? Certain sports require a small amount of energy to be very precisely directed, while other sports require a large amount of energy to be exerted in a very short amount of time. The following infographic takes a visual look at how much energy atheletes in some of the most popular sports are expending.

energy in sports1

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What is the current state of obesity in America?

America faces an obesity epidemic. 68% of adults and nearly one-third of children are considered at least overweight. Childhood obesity is at such high levels that First LadyMichelle Obama has started a national program called ‘Let’s Move’ to help reverse the trend. Lack of exercise, too much sugar added to too many foods, a lack of healthy food choices in schools and workplaces, urban food deserts, and a lack of understanding of how to choose and prepare healthy, low-fat foods have all been blamed.

obesity america large

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Cancer worldwide

Cancer, a generic term for a large group of diseases which can affect any part of the body, is the leading cause of death worldwide.

In 2004, cancer accounted for 7.4 million deaths – around 13 percent of all deaths – and this figure is expected to continue to rise, as it’s estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO) that in 2030, there will be 12 million deaths from cancer. Of those cancer deaths, the most common is lung, stomach, liver, colon and breast cancer. But what is even more shocking of all, is the fact that 30 percent of all cancers could be prevented.



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