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How Google is More Green Than You

How Google is More Green than You

Like many companies, Google has made an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and to avoid negative impacts on the environment. The efforts of Google have made it one of the greenest companies around.

Google’s Green Side

In 2007, Google reached its goal of becoming carbon neutral. To sustain this ongoing effort, they have installed enough solar panels to power approximately 1,000 average homes, which offsets 30 percent of peak electricity use for the facilities. Google shuttles are used by 1,470 employees. Google’s shuttles are fueled by B-20 biodiesel to get employees to work each day. These Bay Area shuttles take an estimated 660 cars off the road each year.



Source : www.intac.net

Copenhagen 2009: The carbon footprint [Infographic]

Today sees the start of the UN Climate Change Conference, where diplomats from 192 nations take part in the best and perhaps last chance to protect the world from the disasters of global warming, in what has been dubbed the most “important climate change summit in history”.

But as the UN tries to cut the carbon emissions of every nations on the planet, what about the summit’s own carbon footprint?

With almost 20,000 delegates, activists and reporters expected to converge on the Danish capital some experts are forecasting the 12 day conference, and all the activity surrounding it, to produce 41,000 tonnes of “carbon dioxide equivalent” – roughly the same as what Morocco produced during the whole of 2006.



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