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The Guide to Vitamins [Infographic]

Vitamins are daily necessities and without them, people will start notice deficiency issues. For example, Vitamin A assists in proper cell division and helps prevent cancer, while those who are deprived of Vitamin A suffer from night blindness and dry corneas. Conversely, overdosing on vitamins can become a hindrance to the body. For instance, overdosing on Vitamin A will lead to birth defects, coarse bone growths, hair loss, skin dryness or peeling, vomiting, and pressure around the brain. This information should be of interest to nursing students, because registered nurses are able to help and educate people with vitamin deficiencies. These deficiencies can cause serious health issues, and more nurses are needed to work with patients and their concerns.

vitamins infographic

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Hamburgers: The Economics of America’s Favorite Food

Who doesn’t salivate at the thought of a juicy hamburger? (OK, let’s rephrase that: vegetarians excluded, who doesn’t salivate at the thought of a juicy hamburger?)

The point is, there is hardly any food that’s more American. And capitalizing on that are many industries, from fast-food restaurants to cattle growers, to ketchup and mustard producers. But have you ever thought about the scope of the industries involved? In our latest infographic we dissect a typical hamburger — and we give you the “meat” on the industries involved: the popularity of each ingredient, how much of it is produced annually, and how much of it we consume. In other words: the hamburger economy.