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Human Development Report 2009 [Infographic]

Since 1990 the United Nations Development Programme publishes an annual report called the Human Development Report exploring challenges including poverty, gender, democracy, human rights, cultural liberty, globalization, water scarcity and climate change. This year’s topic is migration and the UNDP has recruited the New York based design studio Zago which originated from Basel, Switzerland to lead the design.

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The Death of the Newspaper [Infographic]

The newspapers used to make the news, now they are the news. Reports of their death may indeed be premature but there is no question they are dying. The recession hasn’t helped but the real story is a shift in the habits of American consumers and the emergence of a new generation that gets most of its news online and for free. Newspapers are struggling for both relevancy and revenue in every major US market (although some are certainly making valid efforts to compete and innovate in the digital world).


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