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The 7 Reasons Nothing Leaves Las Vegas (Infographic)

Las Vegas is famed for its sin and sleeplessness. But really, the city remains one of America’s last affordable indulgences. Off-season rooms at Circus Circus drop to $23/night so it turns out cheaper to live on the strip than to rent a two-bedroom Vegas home! Affordability and convenience make Vegas a hotspot even during a recession.

The 7 Reasons Nothing Leaves Las Vegas Infographic


America’s Pet Frenzy (Infographic)

It’s always strange to realize just how much we spend on things that we don’t consider regular, heavy expenses. American pet care is a $50 billion dollar industry and growing. As infrequently as vet visits seem to come up for my family, the bill for most any procedure is at least $200. Pets are a part of the family, and I’m certainly not one to cut corners, but some of our spending is very unnecessary.

Americas Pet Frenzy Infographic