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The Rise and Fall of Tickle Me Elmo

In 1996, Ron Dubren was strolling through the park, watching youngsters tickle one another until they erupted into fits of laughter. Feeling inspired, he created a stuffed monkey that would produce a “giggle” when it was tickled. Tyco, a popular toy manufacturer, applied Dubren’s technology to their Elmo doll and, in 1996, Tickle Me Elmo was born

ELMO infographic


Ashes by the Numbers Infographic

The battle for the Ashes has delivered a number of cricket’s most memorable moments and the 2010/11 clash promises to keep the special moments coming. To get you prepared for the next chapter, we’ve prepared a short list of fun Ashes facts to wow your mates with when the time is right for a stat attack. Check out part one below.