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Shark Muscle Anatomy

Sharks, despite their diverse range of species, share a fascinating and efficient anatomy tailored for aquatic life. Let’s delve into some key features:

Streamlined for Speed: Their bodies are torpedo-shaped, minimizing drag as they slice through the water. Pectoral and caudal fins provide propulsion, while dorsal and anal fins stabilize their movements. Their skin is covered in tiny, tooth-like scales called placoid scales, reducing friction further.Shark anatomy 1024x724 Sensory Superpowers: Sharks excel at detecting prey and navigating their environment. Electroreceptors located in their snouts pick up minute electrical fields emitted by animals, while nostrils provide a keen sense of smell. Their large eyes, adapted for low light conditions, can detect slight movements even in murky waters.

London Olympic Venues [Infographic]

What makes the Olympics in London so different from any Olympics before is its use of the whole city throughout the Games. No spectators in central London will ever be more than 30 minutes away from an Olympic venue, with some of the capital’s most iconic landmarks acting as a backdrop for the greatest show on earth.




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