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Inception Infographics Contest: Searching for the Architect

Inception, Christopher Nolan’s trippy popcorn shoot-em-up about dreams within dreams, was pretty much made for an infographic. In fact, that movie, with its many layers of dreamers inhabiting the mind of other dreams, could probably have benefited from a running infographic right in the corner of the frame. Unfortunately, the infographics that have been created around the movie so far are all lacking.

inception infographic by dehah scaled 1000(via)

Energy in Sports

Did you ever wonder how much energy or how much power athletes expend when performing? Certain sports require a small amount of energy to be very precisely directed, while other sports require a large amount of energy to be exerted in a very short amount of time. The following infographic takes a visual look at how much energy atheletes in some of the most popular sports are expending.

energy in sports1

Image Created by Insulation and Energy Audits.