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We rarely think about the potential harmful effects of the small gadgets we all use throughout every day. While the jury is still out on the exact heath and environmental risks of heavy cellphone use, those who are concerned about harmful radiation can take steps to minimize exposure and even consider switching to a model with lower emissions.

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Bad CRM: When Customer Service Gets Lost in Translation

Customer relations management (CRM) is a key factor to success of any modern business. Many companies spend a lot of time on CRM by developing rules and methods for dealing with customers. Unfortunately, sometimes those methods look great on paper but in real life it can cause more irritation then satisfaction. Below are common situations we have all experienced in the past.

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Cell Phone Operating Systems

Around the world, people have come to rely on smartphones. These phones have many of the same basic capabilities of a computer and their operating systems vary depending on the brand of the phone and user preference. While iPhoneOS, Symbian and RIM are the most popular mobile operating systems worldwide, other operating systems, such as Android, are also carving out a market share of their own.


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