Month: August 2010

Companies’ Social Media Savvy: Top 50 Most ‘Social’ Firms (CHART)

NetProspex have tracked social media usage by the firms’ employees to develop a ranking of the 50 most “social” companies.

The infographic offers some additional information, as well. For example, they’ve measured what social networks are most popular among the employees of the US’s largest companies (LinkedIn comes out ahead of Facebook, and just 3% of employees belong to Twitter).



What Movies People Are Buying vs Renting (2009-2010)

When people decide not to illegally pirate movies, they’re often times faced with the tough decision of whether or not to buy a dvd or simply just rent it for a couple of days. Now with renting options so readily available with those dvd dispensers at every convenient store and one click rentals to your doorstop with Netflix, it’s sometimes hard to not rent a dvd. Here is a list of successful rentals and sales.


Life Summed Up

Life expectancy in America has risen considerably in the past few decades. With the growth of the medical industry and readily available pharmaceutical enhancements, there is little doubt that in decades to come that number may continue to grow. Regardless of arguments in various sectors and political groups, we have come along way to provide great health care with well educated doctors and medical processes that help enhance the way we deal with peoples lives.