Month: August 2010

World Cup Tech: Fine-Tuning the Beautiful Game – Infographic

Soccer may seem the least tech-dependent game there is; all that’s required are feet and a ball. But even our most analog sport has benefited from technological advances as far back as the first World Cup in 1930.

And it’s not just balls and boots. Even the way we watch—particularly in this, the year of live 3D broadcasts—has changed the sport forever. So enjoy how far technology has brought the beautiful game, and be excited for where takes it in the future.




The Dogs of War: Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft – Infographic

It’s hard to grasp the breathtaking scale of the epic war between Microsoft, Google and Apple. Billions upon billions of dollars. Entire industries at stake. This is the board. These are the pieces.

If you think about it, what’s shocking isn’t the size of Microsoft or Apple, companies that are decades old, established titans of industry (even if they have stumbled in the past)—it’s Google.


dogs war


How Much Does it Cost to Die?

You’d think death would be the one thing that’d free you from the bill collectors, right? Not quite. Even dying is an expensive proposition these days.

The average funeral is far from a cheap affair. Fortunately, many people plan for this by socking away money for their own burial services. This might seem like a morbid strategy, but it actually makes sense. Funerals can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Many people don’t want to place the burden for paying for these on the backs of others.

Just how costly can funerals get? Take a look at some of these numbers:

Burial clothes for men can run from $170 to $400, while these clothes for women can cost $95 to $350.


cost of dying1


cost of dying 1