2010 is the year of the app

FCcom App Final 3 2 620


You may have heard about this little thing called the iPad, yes? And how it can supposedly master some 140, 000 apps? It’s true. But it’s not the only app-licable (sorry, we’ll stop soon) machine out there with a serious app-preciation (really soon) for apps. In fact, a pre-iPad study found that the app explosion is well underway, so much so that, as you can see in the above graphic, worldwide we will purchase, download and otherwise acquire an average of 20.1 apps for every smartphone sold this year. And it’s not so much that our app-arent (done!) lust for apps will cool any time soon–it’s just that smartphone sales will soon catch up. The “gold rush for developers” that is the iPad has only just begun.

Infographic: Rob Vargas

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