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1984 in 2013 - Privacy and The Internet - Infographic1

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2012 The Year of Android - Infographic1

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The People Behind the Way We Live

Do you know how the inventions you use every day really came to be?

Air travel

Orville and Wilbur Wright conduct first sustained flight.

Charles A. Lindbergh completes first solo, nonstop trans-Atlantic flight.

A modern airliner, Boeing 247, flies for the first time.

Germany’s Heinkel 178 is the first fully jet-propelled aircraft to fly.

World’s first commercial jet airliner, the DH 106 Comet, takes its first flight.

The Boeing 707 offers a new level of comfort and safety.


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Sony announced their network had been breached, but released limited details regarding the attack vector. This announcement was a precursor to a series of new attacks against other Sony online properties and ultimately the shutdown of the PlayStation Network. On May 13th, Veracode Researcher, Chris Lytle, published his blog post on the anatomy of the PSN attack.

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I am old enough I remember when the Sony Walkman was the must have gadget. We have come a long way with portable music, just look at what we are using today as opposed to just 15 or 20 years ago. It makes me wonder, how did we survive without or iPhones and other gadgets of convenience?

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