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Evolution of Labor [Infographic]

Labor Day was once only a holiday to celebrate the efforts of our nation’s hardest working citizens. Today, it symbolizes much more – like the start of back-to-school season and a time for many to put summer behind them and get back to work. And, just as the meaning of this holiday has evolved over the years, so has our nation’s workforce. These days, nearly 70% of workers use a computer every day and information technology continues to grow as an industry.

Evolution of Labor Infographic

Source   http://blog.modis.com/

Trashonomics: The Garbage Economy [Infographic]

Garbage: it’s dirty, smelly and pretty disgusting. But someone’s got to take care of the 250 million tons of it that Americans produce each year, at a cost of billions of dollars to collect, dispose and recycle. And speaking of recycling, we are doing far from an excellent job at it, recycling only 24% of our waste, when we could be recycling more than three times as much. For those and other interesting facts about garbage production, collection and disposal in the United States, see our infographic. You may reconsider throwing that plastic water bottle in the trash – or buying it in the first place.

trashconomics infographic

Source  http://www.mint.com