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The Unprepared Nation – College Readiness Today [Infographic]

One-third of today’s college students require remediation. Of those students, half will never receive a college degree. Clearly, something isn’t working. This infographic lays out the state of college readiness in the U.S., and explains why being prepared for college matters now more than ever.


The Unprepared Nation Infographic

Source    http://www.knewton.com/

Degree decisions: How to choose a college major [Infographic]

Choosing a college major is not always easy. There are so many different factors involved. And according to a recent study, your major matters—especially when it comes to determining your future salary (see related infographic). On the other hand, you should choose a major that you enjoy and that matches your skill set; you want to get good grades, after all. How, then, do you choose the college major that is right for you?

Degree decisions How to choose a college major InfographicSource  http://www.schools.com/

15 Interesting Facts about Wikipedia [Infographic]

For those of you who are in an MBA program, you probably have come across the situation where you have found a strong piece of content on Wikipedia. Only problem is, with the site’s open source format, there is always room for the potential of false material to be published. Here in lies the primary reason as to why you should not use anything on Wikipedia as a direct source for any work you do in your MBA program. The following infographic highlights some interesting facts about Wikipedia. There will be those that you are familiar with, but there is also some information you may not be aware of

Via: Online MBA Rankings