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International Internet Plan

International Internet Plan

The top 10 languages used on the Internet include the most popular Internet language-English, with 478 million users. Chinese is the second most common Internet language, with 384 million users. Spanish is the third most common Internet language, with 137 million users. Japanese is number four, with 96 million users. French is number five with 79 million Internet users using it. Portuguese is number six with 73 million users. German is number seven with 65 million users. Arabic is number eight with 50 million Internet users using it online. Russian is number nine with 45 million Internet users using it. Korean is number 10 with 37 million Internet users.


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Source : www.intac.net

Internet Speeds and Costs Around the World [Infographic]

When it comes to Internet access, not all plans are created equal. The data transfer speeds vary greatly around the world, as does the cost for basic access. As you can see, in Japan Internet speeds are blazing fast and cheap compared to those less fortunate users in other countries. In the United States, Internet users pay more for way less, but are still better off than users in Greece who connect at the slowest speeds in the world.

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Source : http://www.billshrink.com