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The Blogging World [Infographic]

Did You Know That

According to BlogPulse, there were more than 164 Million Blogs in July 2011.

49% of Bloggers are from USA, followed by 29% from Europe and then 12% from Asia Pacific

64% of Bloggers are Hobbyists.Only 21% of bloggers are Full time bloggers.

30% of bloggers are of age group 25-34 years followed by 27% from age group 35-44 years.

15% of US bloggers are from California.

How Big is Blogosphere Infographic

Source   http://www.invesp.com/

The Blog Economy

Who are the bloggers of 2010? Did you know that North America has the highest percentage of bloggers worldwide or that the greatest percentage of bloggers are hobbyists? Read below to learn more about the blog economy of 2010.


Source   www.grasshoppergroup.com