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World Biggest Rivers

Every year, World Rivers Dayfalls on the last Sunday in September. To mark the event, The Big Wild has created an infographic that compares the length and volume of the world’s 20 largest rivers.

Of the 20 rivers, one Canadian River made the grade. The Mackenzie – Peace – Finlay is the largest flowing river in Canada

biggest rivers

Via  thebigwild.org

Companies’ Social Media Savvy: Top 50 Most ‘Social’ Firms (CHART)

NetProspex have tracked social media usage by the firms’ employees to develop a ranking of the 50 most “social” companies.

The infographic offers some additional information, as well. For example, they’ve measured what social networks are most popular among the employees of the US’s largest companies (LinkedIn comes out ahead of Facebook, and just 3% of employees belong to Twitter).



Technology Timeline 2000-2009

2008 is coming to an end and various publications will be getting out their crystal balls to make wild predictions about what the buzz-techs of 2009 will be.

Here’s my look into 2009, along with a look back at developments in 21st century technology (funny how 21st century technology used to conjure up images of spaceships and sci-fi). It’s quite amazing to see how far we’ve come in less than a decade

Technology timeline