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U.S. Gas Prices Visualized

As everyone looks for ways to save money this summer, this infographic examines the state of gas prices across the U.S., the cost breakdown of a gallon, and how your choice of automobile can affect your travel bill.

us gas prices visualized


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Oil spill latest: The cost of clumsiness

BP originally estimated that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill would becontained with robotic submarines, however early attempts to contain the oil spill failed. Now BP and the Obama administration are left with an ever-worsening environmental catastrophe and a spiralling clean-up bill that runs into billions of dollars.

As of Thursday, over 70 lawsuits have been filed against BP and Transocean, with the potential for thousands of claims. The new estimate for the clean-up operation is a whopping $23 billion, however it appears an acoustic trigger that doesn’t fall under mandatory government legislation could have prevented the oil slick.


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Solar Energy Systems – Tapping The Sun’s Energy

In this illustration of solar energy systems, you can see exactly how the sun’s energy is converted into electricity that is usable by your home or business. Follow the path of energy from the sun, through the pv panels, its conversion to AC electricity by the inverter and finally into the utility grid. Take a look for a detailed explanation of solar energy.