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The History of Skateboarding [Infographic]

Skateboarding has had one of the most unique and and turbulent histories of any sport (or hobby) in the history of North America.

The sport has gone from grass root home-made boards, to being one of the most popular sports in the USA, only to crash into oblivion before resurfacing as a past time for punks and kids up to no good. Despite the changing point of view of popular opinion, the sport has held a core of devotees who kept the sport alive when it seemed all but forgotten.

history of skateboarding infographic


Interactive – Raising the roof: The uphill climb of the U.S. debt limit

The ever-swelling U.S. debt ceiling recently rose to $14.7 trillion US — with another $500 billion rise scheduled in the coming months. U.S. presidents have had a long history of seeking higher debt limits from the Treasury, as indicated in the charts below, which span increases in actual and inflation-adjusted figures from 1961 to 2010.

The uphill climb of the US debt limit