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What’s In A Sneeze? [Infographic]

While responses to a sneeze may vary across different cultures, most aspects of sneezing are universal. For example, no matter the language, “Bless you,” “Gesundheit” and “Banish the omen” all show a sign of respect for the afflicted party.

Sneezing seems to be more prevalent as the weather gets colder, due to the increased presence of ragweed and mold in the fall. Then, as winter approaches, people are forced indoors, where they are more likely to be affected by airborne irritants trapped inside.

Infographic Whats In A Sneeze


The Colleges That Rule the Web [Infographic]

You’ve probably noticed your school becoming more active on the web and in social media over the last few years. There’s a reason for that; they’re competing ruthlessly with other colleges for web superiority to win students’ hearts and minds (and money).

The Colleges That Rule the Web infographic


The Rise and Fall of Tickle Me Elmo

In 1996, Ron Dubren was strolling through the park, watching youngsters tickle one another until they erupted into fits of laughter. Feeling inspired, he created a stuffed monkey that would produce a “giggle” when it was tickled. Tyco, a popular toy manufacturer, applied Dubren’s technology to their Elmo doll and, in 1996, Tickle Me Elmo was born

ELMO infographic