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A Comparison of Dedicated Servers By Company

A Comparison of Dedicated Servers by Company

The tech industry’s major players require some serious firepower when it comes to servers. Here is a breakdown of how these giants stack up against each other. Who owns the most servers?

The company that owns the most servers is Google, with more than 1 million servers estimated. It is speculated that Google owns more than 2 percent of all the world’s servers.


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Top Ten Web Hosts From Around the World

Top Ten Web Hosts From Around the World

Before 1991, Web hosting as we know it today did not exist. Then again, the Internet before 1991 was vastly different to today’s Internet. The Internet may be the greatest media advancement since radio and television; it is currently powered by nearly 50 million websites forming its central nervous system. Without websites, and the companies that host them, where would you go when you go online?


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