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A Breakdown and Explanation of RADAR [Infographic]

Radar is all around us every day. However, what do we really know about radar? In the graphic “I Can See You: Radar Explained,” we learn the basics of Radar.

What is RADAR?

  • Radar is short for ra(dio) d(etecting) a(nd) r(anging).
  • Radar is in use all around us, although it is normally invisible.

What are the uses of RADAR?

There are three predominant uses for radar:

  1. Detect the presence of an object at a distance
  2. Determine the speed of an object
  3. Map something


What BP Could Have Bought With All the Money They Lost [Infographic]

All the Things BP Could Buy With the Money Lost from the Oil Spill:

BP could have bought 10 years of clean water for each of the 884 million people in the world without access to it. The cost would be $8.84 billion, or $1 per year per person.

BP could also have bought a new home to replace each of the 275,000 lost in Hurricane Katrina. The cost would be $48.125 billion at the median New Orleans market rate of $175,000.

With the lost money, BP could also have bought an ice cream sandwich for everyone on Earth. The cost of $3.395 billion included a 0.50 sandwich from Walmart for each person.


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