Month: August 2010

Inception Infographics Contest: Searching for the Architect

Inception, Christopher Nolan’s trippy popcorn shoot-em-up about dreams within dreams, was pretty much made for an infographic. In fact, that movie, with its many layers of dreamers inhabiting the mind of other dreams, could probably have benefited from a running infographic right in the corner of the frame. Unfortunately, the infographics that have been created around the movie so far are all lacking.

inception infographic by dehah scaled 1000(via)

The Mobile Workforce: Breaking Down the Walls of Communication

Over the past several decades, companies were founded within large fixed facilities that, inside the concrete, glass and steel walls, contained all necessary business functions and employees for standard operations. Communicating outside of these compounds wasn’t easy because the technology wasn’t available or it came at a high cost.  Employees made their way into the office, complete a day’s work, and headed home at night after a productive eight hours. But now, this centralized model is barely recognizable to most of us as it has been rendered useless with new advances in communication technology. As methods, speed, and options for communication blossomed and grew, businesses and their workforces evolved and adapted to newfound opportunities. Thus, the “mobile workforce” has emerged – a workforce so empowered by personal technology like phones and laptops, wireless internet and real-time data sharing.

sc mobile 0721(via)