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Top Ten Web Hosts From Around the World

Top Ten Web Hosts From Around the World

Before 1991, Web hosting as we know it today did not exist. Then again, the Internet before 1991 was vastly different to today’s Internet. The Internet may be the greatest media advancement since radio and television; it is currently powered by nearly 50 million websites forming its central nervous system. Without websites, and the companies that host them, where would you go when you go online?


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Top 10 Web Hosting Companies In the World

Web Hosting Domination

The top Web host is, with a market share of 35.8187 percent. Wild West Domains is part of the Go Daddy Group, providing an easy platform for turnkey domain registrars to become an operation and use the Go Daddy system for registration and support. hosts 25,373,796 domains.

The number two Web host is, with a market share of 4.8069 percent. It hosts 3,405,217 domains. Number three is which has a market share of 4.0572 percent. It hosts 2,874,123. Number four is, with a market share of 3.6870 percent. The number five Web hosting company is, with a market share of 2.9401 percent. Yahoo hosts 2,082,750 domains.


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What are America’s Most Stressful Jobs?

Job stress includes any harmful physical or emotional response occurring because of one’s job, including high blood pressure and insomnia, to name just two. Job stress should not be confused with job challenges. Many people enjoy their jobs, even though they are challenging, because when they meet the everyday challenges of their job the gain a feeling of satisfaction. It is when the challenges of a job come without the authority, tools and support needed to fulfill them, that job stress results. People who are stressed out at work may take their frustrations out on family and friends, may become exhausted, and may feel that they are a failure. If they are in a job that entails risk or high stakes, such as firefighting, law enforcement, or a high level corporate management role, their safety may be risked or their job performance may suffer.

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The Changing Geopolitical Landscape of the 20th Century

Since the first humans organized themselves into communities, there have been struggles for influence over others. Communities formed cities, and cities became nations, and nations, empires. But when one nation gains, another must lose, and we find ourselves looking at a world map that is constantly in a state of change.

This landscape of nations is a fluid picture over time. Empires ebb and flow, countries expand and contract and states disappear off the world stage completely. So many factors contribute to the rise and fall of nations that to attempt to explain it all would be difficult, as even the history of events and the influence they have upon the world are debatable.


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What is the current state of obesity in America?

America faces an obesity epidemic. 68% of adults and nearly one-third of children are considered at least overweight. Childhood obesity is at such high levels that First LadyMichelle Obama has started a national program called ‘Let’s Move’ to help reverse the trend. Lack of exercise, too much sugar added to too many foods, a lack of healthy food choices in schools and workplaces, urban food deserts, and a lack of understanding of how to choose and prepare healthy, low-fat foods have all been blamed.

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