Month: May 2010

Infographic: Instant Messaging Facts & Figures

This is another great infographic by Pingdom, this time on Instant Messaging. There are some pretty crazy stats in there like the 47 Billion daily instant messages sent, or the 40 million simultaneous logged in windows messenger users. I see a lot of media plans buying Windows Messenger banners, it’s a popular (and pretty cheap) buy, which is clearly due to the serious amount of impressions they’d serve every day!

Instant Messaging Facts Fig

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Bad CRM: When Customer Service Gets Lost in Translation

Customer relations management (CRM) is a key factor to success of any modern business. Many companies spend a lot of time on CRM by developing rules and methods for dealing with customers. Unfortunately, sometimes those methods look great on paper but in real life it can cause more irritation then satisfaction. Below are common situations we have all experienced in the past.

bad crm


Biggest Oil Spills

Over two decades after the devastating Exxon Valdez oil spill off the coast of Alaska, significant quantities of oil can still be found covering the state’s shores and beneath gravel beaches, a new study has discovered.

Over 21,000 gallons of crude oil remains of the 11 million gallons of crude oil that gushed from the stranded tanker Exxon Valdez on the night of 23 March 1989. Traces of Valdez’s oil have been detected as far as 724km away from the spill-site in Prince William Sound, and the toxic film that coats Alaska’s shores remain a danger to wildlife, entire eco-systems and the lives of local people.


100323 OilGas Spills

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